Welcome to the "MCT & More" App

The smartphone app "MCT & More" is designed to support people with psychological problems. This website offers additional information about the contents and purpose of the app and is intended as a supplement to the basic tutorial, which you will find in the app itself (see app menu item "Tutorial").

You can download the app from the Android or iOS Store. We suggest that you read the introduction to the app in the app store and the instructions in the app itself carefully before reading the more detailed instructions here.

What questions will this website answer for you:

Will this app actually help me?

We tested a preliminary version of the app using a randomized controlled trial with 90 people with self-reported depressive symptoms. The analyses showed that participants who used the app several times a week showed significantly fewer depressive symptoms after 4 weeks than participants in the control group (who received the app after the end of the study).

The symptoms were assessed using the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), one of the most popular instruments for determining the severity of depressive disorders. The vast majority of the study participants rated the app positively. Based on the promising results of the study, we developed the app further. We hope that the current version of the app is even more effective than the preliminary version.

You can download the article here:

What are the app's goals, and what problems are addressed by the app?

"MCT & More" is a free self-help app developed for people with depressive symptoms. The basic program package is called "Mood". Under the app menu item "Settings", you can select additional program packages. One of these additional program packages was developed especially for individuals with gambling problems. Another program package is intended for people who have psychotic experiences (ideally, this program package should be used along with Metacognitive Training for Psychosis, available at no cost from www.uke.de/mct). Instructions for activating the program packages are provided below.

The self-help exercises used in the app are based on scientifically recognized techniques of cognitive behavior therapy and metacognitive training that reduce emotional problems such as sadness and loneliness and also improve problems with impulse control. Each day, you will receive a new exercise. Each exercise takes just a few minutes and can easily be integrated into your everyday life. Push messages will remind you to do the exercises regularly. You will also be able to write/add your own exercises or modify existing exercises, allowing you to turn the app into your personal "guardian angel." Instructions for adding and modifying exercises are provided below. Please first read the basic instructions in the app under the menu item "Tutorial."

Working on psychological problems is a bit like brushing your teeth: you have to do the exercises regularly so that they become routine and change your mood. Reading about a problem is helpful but not sufficient and usually does not lead to any lasting changes. You will benefit the most from the program if you participate actively and practice regularly! The exercises are repeated over time. This is good! Only through regular repetition is it possible to permanently overcome difficulties.

Please note — Important Message:

The self-help app is not an appropriate treatment for acute life crises or suicidal tendencies. In the event of an acute crisis, please seek professional help.