Crowdfunding: “Toothbrush for the soul”


Psychotherapy is highly effective but its effects often diminish over time once treatment ends because old cognitive and behavioral patterns resurface. In order to achieve more sustainable effects, we have developed a beta version of an app in which users receive regular push notification reminders to complete short exercises, similar to those they might have completed during therapy (see Serving as a “toothbrush for the soul”, users can work on their mental health every day, just as brushing teeth every day helps to keep them healthy. Improving upon our previous app, our goal is to construct a new app that allows users to individualize existing exercises and add their own ones. In this way, users can turn the app into their own personalized mental health “toothbrush.”

The app will be developed first in German and then in English, other languages should follow. We are committed to offering the app free of charge to those suffering from mental health issues but development is expensive. Therefore, we need your help to raise approximately 15.000€. For more information, including how you can donate, see here.

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